Use our patient's lift slings guide to help you find the right sling for you or your loved one's needs. 

Patient lift and sling are being used by an elderly and a caregiver nurse in homecare setting

Slings are straps or belts that are designed to wrap around a patient's body who is mobility impaired or disable comfortably and are considered to be an essential part of any patient's lift to ensure a safe and comfortable transfer for both patients and caregivers. 

 These devices serve the essential role of holding and supporting patients as they are moved or transferred from surface to surface!

Slings wrap under and around patients who will be repositioned by a patient lift. These devices are nearly always used to transfer a patient to or from a bed, floor, wheelchair, toilet, or shower. 

By lifting the patient completely with no manual exertion on behalf of their caregiver, risks and injuries are significantly reduced for both parties. 

Slings come in different types and designs to meet a variety of patient's needs and sizes. and could be very challenging sometimes to decide which sling is the right fit for your need. 

Before purchasing a patient lift sling you should take into considerations the following, 


 Sling Shape & Type of transfer task

Patients lift slings come in different shapes and are differently designed based on the requirements of a patient. 

Full Body Slings

Full body patient lift sling with head support - PUREUPS

  • Provide full support from the back through the buttock and upper leg. Available with and without head support. 
  • Ideal for users who can rolled to one side and back while sling is positioned.     

 U-Shaped Slings 

Padded u-shaped patient lift sling - PUREUPS

  • Provide standard back and upper leg support. 
  • Easier applications for seated users than full body slings. 

Universal Slings 

padded universal patient lift sling - PUREUPS
  • Very Similar to the U-shaped Sling 
  • Comes with an underbody crossing design that helps to distribute weight, keeping the patient from being pinched or pressed on by taut fabric.
  • Ideal for patients who struggle with their head, trunk, and hip control. 

Divided Legs Slings

Divided leg patient lift sling- PUREUPS

  • Ideal for patients on which sling removal is more difficult. 
  • Support ranges from the upper back to beneath the thighs. 
  • These slings can be positioned with the patient seated or lying flat. 
  • The divided leg design helps keep the patient’s legs separated, preventing knee-knocking and helping to distribute patient weight more evenly and comfortably.


FULL body with commode cuts out patient sling lift - PUREUPS

  • Provide full support from the back through the buttock and upper leg. Available with and without head support. 
  • Ideal for users who can rolled to one side and back while sling is positioned.    
  • Come with a cut-out commode for toileting. 
  • Made out of Mesh Fabric. 


Sit to stand patient lift sling - PUREUPS

  • Designed for stand-Up style lifts only.
  • Can be used on certain lifts for gate training
  • Ideal for users who have some control over their body and can sit-up or weight bearing, and able to bend at hip or knee. 
  • Designed to transfer from chair to bed or from seated to seated position.


Patient's size, weight, and hip measurement

It's very important to evaluate your patient's size and weight before purchasing a sling, as each sling comes with a different weight capacity and measurements. choosing the appropriately sized sling will improve the patient’s safety and comfort during the lift and reduce the risk of falling.  

All of our slings come with specifications to provide customers with an explanation of the recommended height and weight, so no need to wonder! 


Patient’s medical condition & Pressure sensitivity

Each patient is unique, and it is important to select a sling that best suits the patient's health condition. A patient assessment will help determine the most effective sling, hoist, and transfer method to use. Some patients are unable to assist with the transfer, while others are more able. Whether the patient has control over their head and upper body will also determine the sling chosen.


Slings Materials 

Most of the slings that are available on the market are made of the following materials. 


mesh material - PUREUPS
  • Ideal for wet environments such as shower, pool, etc. 
  • Breathable and dries up very quickly. 


  • Ideal for patients who have sensitive skin.
  • The padded material adds a layer of cushion to the patient sling for more comfort during the lift. 
  • Not recommended for wet environments 



Either Polyester or Nylon 

  • Durable and strong materials 
  • Easy to clean and that helps with resist infection and reduce cross-contamination. 


Two, Four, or Six  Attachment points (cradle grips) 


Protekt 500/600 Electric Patient Full Body Lift- PUREUPS

(The diagram above is a Protekt 500/600 Electric Patient Full Body Lift )


Cradles come in several formats, each with varying numbers of attachment points. Some slings are designed for specific cradle types, and only possess the exact number of points as a certain matching lift. 

On the whole, though, most slings can be used with multiple types of cradles, and many feature all six attachment points, letting users decide where and how they’d prefer to place the sling. 


In conclusion, Patient lift, and sling should make the job of lifting a patient Safer and much easier, so if you decide that the application of a patient lift sling can help in the quality of your day to day life, then the purchase of a patient lift sling is a crucial step towards ensuring safety and comfort while transferring your loved one between one place to another. 

 PUREUPS specializes in the sale of patient lifts and slings, and will also educate the caregiver on the use of both items. Our commitment is to ensure that every customer feels prioritized and receives consistent and reliable services, innovative solutions, and superior care management support. If you have any questions about this article or need help finding the right lift and sling for your needs, Call us at 866-259-5068 or 


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