Patient Lifts

PUREUPS carries a full selection of patient lifts, both manual and battery-powered.  We also offer a comprehensive variety of slings, although we only show the most basic and popular slings on our website.  If your patient sling needs are more specific, please give us a call at 1-866-259-5068 for help selecting the best sling to meet your needs.  GET A FREE SLING WITH YOUR LIFT PURCHASE TODAY!


Patient lifts are a very important part of both long-term care and home care setting.  They make transfers and daily activities easier and they help eliminate injury both to the caregiver and patient.  

Below is some information to help you select the right lift for you or your patient needs:

Manual Patient Lifts - These lifts are manual and completely operated by the caregiver. They have hydraulic actuators to raise and lower the person in the lift. The legs at the base of the lift can be widened or narrowed by manually leveraging the handle and bar connected to the base of the lift. These lifts are appropriate when the cost is a significant factor, the situation doesn't allow easy access to a power source, or if the patient lift is used for transferring the patient from one room to another.

Power Patient Lifts - These patient lifts are powered either through a standard electrical outlet or by a rechargeable battery. The lifting is achieved through hand control, eliminating any physical exertion by the caregiver. The legs at the base of the lift can be widened or narrowed by manually leveraging the handle and bar connected to the base of the lift. They also come with an emergency power backup to ensure patient safety during any power failure, and a remote control gives the caregiver the freedom to focus on patient care.

Stand-Up Patient Lifts - Stand-Up patient lifts assist users in rising from a chair, bed, or seated position to a standing position. Stand-Up patient lifts are not intended for transport, but to aid in standing, strengthening the legs, and assisting in walking or gait training. Stand-Up lifts can also aid in lowering users from a standing position to a sitting surface or onto a commode. Users of Stand-Up lifts must be able to bear at least 80% of their own weight in a standing position, and able to bend at the hip, knee, and ankle. The slings used for Stand-Up patient lifts will either support only the user’s lower back or their bottom and lower back. Power Stand-Up lifts will raise the user with hand control. The battery unit supplying the power can be recharged. The legs on the lift can be opened for stability or closed for passage through a doorway or narrow opening.

Heavy Duty Patient Lifts - These patient lifts are designed to bear a safe working load of 400 lbs. to 700 lbs. These heavy duty/high weight patient lifts feature all the same benefits and options as the power patient lifts just with higher weight capacities. With several models featuring swing away arms, these lifts can double as gait and strength training for the user.

Portable Travel-Friendly Patient Lifts -  These patient lifts are known for their great maneuverability and travel convenience. Their compact design will make storage possible for those with limited storage options in the home or special restrictions that require a patient lift that can be navigated in restricted environments such as bathrooms or smaller bedroom areas in rehab or assisted care facilities. Transport, assembly, and disassembly are quick and easy with no tools required. 

Patient Lift Accessories - Don't forget to get a sling for your lift.  These are sold separately because there are a wide variety of slings to meet all transfer needs.  Contact customer service if you require a specialty sling.  Call 866-259-5068. 

Check out our patient lift slings guide to help you find the right sling HERE

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