GoLite Portable Mini Mobility Scooter Lift

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GoLite Portable Mini Mobility Scooter Lift

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Let The GoLite do the Heavy Lifting! 

The GoLite™ Portable Lift allows you to load and unload your lightweight foldable mobility scooter or power chair in and out of your vehicle easily and safely. It's compact, lightweight, and does not need to be attached to your vehicle. In fact, this portable lift only weighs 25 lbs with the onboard battery yet is powerful enough to automatically lift up to 100 lbs all with the touch of a button. Furthermore, it easily fits in a trunk, hatch, and even the backseat of most vehicles, making it an ideal companion to any foldable mobility equipment.  

 The GoLite lift is affordably priced with features like easy-lift handles, quick release brakes, a built-in lithium-ion battery in a stand-alone design enabling easy transport between vehicles.  

The GoLite will lift foldable scooters like the Luggie, Transformer, EV Rider Transport, and AF, Drive ZooMe, Mobie Plus as well as foldable chairs like the Pride Passport, Geo Cruiser, Airhawk, Karmen Transit, FoldandGo, as well as many others.  

See It In Action 

  • Lightweight, only 25 lbs with on-board battery  
  • One-Touch Remote Control Lifting  
  • Portable, does not need to be attached to vehicle  
  • Lifts up to a max height of 36 inches  
  • Equipped with four wheel-locks  
  • Cross-section strapping belts  
  • Fully assembled and ready to go 


Product Specifications:

Model Number  


Product Weight with Battery  

25 lbs 

Max Loading Capacity  

100 lbs  

Loading Platform Surface Dimensions 

28.5" x 16"  

Raised Dimensions-Elevated to Max Height (Length x Width x Height) 

29.5" x 18.9" x 35.8"  

Flat Dimensions (Flat on Floor)  

29.5" x 18.9" x 9" 


29V, 75W, <3A 

Motor Adaptor  

AC/DC 24-29V  

Remote Control  




Battery Volts/Ah 


Battery Charger  


Transport Wheel System 

Four (4) Dual castors with wheel locks. Two single castors on stability extending rods.  

Wheel Size 

2" for main wheels, 1.5" for extending rods  

Wheel Material  


Frame Material  

Aluminum Alloy  

Frame Finish  

Anodized for Anti-Corrosion  

Platform Material  

Oxford Fabric  

Fastening System  

Interlocking Belt Strap 


1 Year - Parts and Labor  



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